I have taught children in mainstream primary, secondary and a special school and experienced the role of SENCO in a secondary school. My role as manager of the SEN Support Service for the East Riding of Yorkshire has involved me in training SENCOs, class teachers and Teaching Assistants, other professionals and parents, on various government initiatives.

I have worked in four Local Authorities and drawn on my teaching and training experiences to write educational books. I have specialist teaching experience and/or a post-graduate qualification in:

I have recently entered into the world of mobile app development with the publishing of "Maths 5-6", which is due out very soon.

Maths 5-6 is created and published by EuroTalk Ltd (http://eurotalk.com/apps/en). See Apple app store for details.



EuroTalk Ltd


I continue to teach children of all ages as an independent tutor.

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