I entered teaching at the mature age of thirty two, having done various other jobs, including working for the Civil Service. Once into teaching, my passion for improving the educational experiences of children and young people with SEND, and enjoyment of working with colleagues and parents towards this goal, intensified. How lucky I have been to have had my career in education! 

The buzz of being involved in the development of more effective inclusion for learners with SEN and/or disabilities motivated me to write many books on education, mainly on various aspects of SEND (see Publications section), intended for teachers and/or Teaching Assistants.

 Although much has been achieved by schools towards the effective inclusion of children with SEND, there is still much more to be done if the life chances of children with learning difficulties or disabilities, as well as socially disadvantaged young people, are to be significantly improved. I continue to take an interest in educational issues, and blog about current changes in education. 

My series of five educational books, ‘Parents: Help Your Child Succeed’, aims to encourage more parents to be actively involved in their child’s schooling, and reading particular: from The Early Years Foundation Stage – through to Key Stages 3 and 4. I have always believed that parents are the missing link. More effective collaboration between schools and parents would enable more children with SEND to achieve success.

As research for my latest edition of ‘The SENCO Survival Guide (2022)’, I observed and supported pupils and staff in primary and secondary classrooms, and discussed current educational needs/issues with SEND practitioners in colleges around Gtr. Manchester: following which, as a SEND and a literacy specialist, I enjoyed voluntarily supporting one secondary school’s reading development programme.

My latest educational work: a booklet, ‘A Simple View of Reading,’ has recently been introduced to some Lancashire schools. An expanded version is now available to purchase. Click here to find out more



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