A Simple View of Reading: a booklet for you! 

Unlock the secrets of reading: what skills are involved and how do learners gradually become efficient and effective readers? Reading is an intricate tapestry woven from various skills, each contributing to the mastery of literacy. 

This guide delves into the three pivotal layers that merge into a single process:

  1. Word mastery: phonic decoding and whole word recognition;
  2. Sentence navigation: cueing and interpreting challenging words through the lens of context;
  3. Textual insight: gaining a profound understanding of diverse texts.

This enlightening booklet explains the reading process at each of these three essential levels and acts as a roadmap to making reading a universal skill: highlighting the natural progression of writing and spelling. So read on and find out how to make literacy, especially reading, fully accessible for all young learners.

I am an established author of fourteen books for schools (published by Routledge – latest 2022)), and a further five for parents: all mainly focused on literacy and Special Educational Needs/Disability (SEND). Visit my website:  sylviaedwardsauthor.co.uk

Designed for:

  • Teachers and Teaching Assistants: whose focused and dedicated support is invaluable;
  • Parents: whose involvement is also crucial – bridging the gap in a child’s educational journey.

If you are interested in developing your skills to help children learn, then this booklet is for you. Knowing what learning to read involves and how the necessary skills develop will enable you to apply this knowledge to the children you teach and/or work closely with. Results: amongst other positive outcomes:

  • Children will be better engaged – sparking that love for learning;
  • Improved performance – watch as SAT scores soar;
  • Cross-curricular growth – whole school teaching/learning will be enriched;
  • OFSTED grades will rise;
  • More children will become avid readers for life;
  • The role of reading and literacy – as a universal skill that defines humanity – will be revitalised.

Eager to develop your professional expertise? Request your copy by email: sylviaedwards2145@gmail.com

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