Focusing on ADHD

As human beings, our ability to concentrate and focus on a task for a prolonged period is absolutely crucial. Without it, things tend to fall apart pretty quickly… or can fail altogether.

Every one of us occasionally encounters forgetfulness, loses track of time or acts impulsively, sometimes defying logic in the pursuit of our passions, hobbies and pet obsessions. A person with ADHD, however, experiences these and other symptoms so consistently – and severely – that they present many different and significant obstacles and challenges that sometimes prevent a normal life. Especially, with regard to children with ADHD, these symptoms – left undiagonsed and unchecked – create a barrier to learning that often leads to under-achievement and limits individual potential.

As a former headteacher, SENCO manager and teacher of children with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND), I am passionate about the provision of high quality education “for all”. Every single child needs and deserves the best possible learning in order to achieve their personal best… regardless of whether they fit into the human construct of “normality”, or not.

I have dedicated the last 40 years of my life to education – as both teacher and author – and am committed to doing everything within my power to maximise learning potential across all of our young people and, wherever possible, remove the ‘dis’ from disability. This includes me writing my latest series of Parental Guide Books, which includes a publication dedicated solely to SEND provision.

‘Support Your Child with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities’ is a comprehensive and practical guide through the often perplexing world of special needs education here in the UK.

Presented in plain, simple English with accompanying illustrations, it sets out the educational support systems in place for children with SEND – including ADHD – highlights what they’re learning at school and even acts as a useful resource for home education whether that be full-time or extra-curricular, to help your child realise their dreams and ambitions.

Visit today and order your copy.
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