Helping them make the grade!

Thursday 25th August is all set to be a landmark day, with those all-important GCSE results winging their way to school leavers across the country.

For some, they will be a cause for huge celebration and open up exciting new opportunities for them to pursue their dreams. For others, results day will mark a time of disappointment, maybe regret, and the realisation that their grade could force them to re-think, re-sit and re-assess their education and career goals.

Ongoing parental involvement – working alongside and in support of schools – can, and invariably does, improve those all-important marks, thereby maximising their chances of success on completion of KS4. And here’s where my latest series of Guide Books can help.

Written from a parent’s perspective and from over thirty years experience as a teacher, deputy head and SEND Manager, my parental guide books are available now to help you help them along their learning journey. Each book is presented in plain and simple English, with accompanying illustrations to support and broaden the national curriculum, and give you a window on what they’re learning in class.
There’s a book covering Key Stages 1 to 3, as well as Early Years and SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities), helping you help your child receive the best possible education… and achieve their maximum potential.
Visit and order your copy today. Alternatively, look me up on
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