Is what IS how it must ALWAYS be?

The world’s been a very different place during COVID-19 and, for a great many of us, time has seemed to stand still.

It’s true to say the worldwide pandemic has affected us all in many different ways, from impacts on mental health and wellbeing, to reduced incomes, contact with friends and family and, in some sad cases, the loss of our loved ones.

Centred around change and the need for us all to take stock and move on post-COVID, my latest book – ‘Time of Virus‘ – is a thought-provoking blend of memoirs, thoughts and heart-felt social commentary, communicated through my own stories, prose, poetry and artwork.

As we head towards the “new normal”, what have we learned and what challenges must we all world face together in order to get the world back on track?

To find out, please click here to purchase your copy of ‘Time of the Virus‘.

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