Parental involvement is the key to their future!

Studies have consistently shown that parental engagement and involvement in the school lives of their children, has a direct and positive impact on the learning success and eventual achievement.

Ongoing parental engagement and involvement – parents working alongside and in support of schools, playing an active role in the education process – can, and invariably does, improve those all-important marks, thereby maximising their opportunities to pursue further education, an apprenticeship or full-time employment on completion of KS4.

Just as importantly, it helps to enhance a child’s self-confidence and motivation to learn when in the classroom, as well as significantly improving those essential social skills and behaviours.

However, before today’s busy parents can begin to properly engage with the school lives of their children, they first need the inside track on what they’re learning in class, and that’s where my latest series of Parental Guide Books can help!

Written from over thirty years experience as a teacher, deputy head and SEND Manager, my series of Guide Books for Parents is now available – in both printed and e-book formats – to help you help them along their learning journey. Each book is presented in plain and simple English, with accompanying illustrations to support and broaden the national curriculum, and give you a window on what they’re learning in class.
There’s a book covering at each Key Stage – from 1 to 3 – as well as Early Years and SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities), helping you help your child get the best possible education… and achieve their maximum potential.
Visit and order your copy today!
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