Positive Thinking Day!

This week we, celebrated Positive Thinking Day (13th September)… a time to explore the benefits of positive thinking.

We all have moments when we feel cynical and negative, which is perfectly normal and can prepare you in dealing with difficult situations. However, being overly pessimistic can have an adverse impact on our emotional wellbeing.

Research suggests that being optimistic and happy can enrich and prolong your life. Positive thinking and a positive attitude are also important to your childs education.

Written from over 30 years experience as a teacher, headteacher, deputy head and SEND manager, my Parental Guide Books can help you support your child’s education… and help you collaborate more effectively with their school. After all, parental support is key to your child achieving their maximum potential.

Each book covers practically every aspect of what your child should be learning in class – from Early Years to Key Stage 3. From high quality early reading and numeracy, to more advanced writing and mathematical skills, helping them prepare for further education, or the world of work.

My Guide for Parents of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, sets out… in plain English, everything you need to know to help ensure your child achieves more.

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