Teaching Assistance for Today’s TAs

Teaching Assistants (TAs) are vital to the success of the modern education system – both in mainstream and special school settings – for many different reasons.

For instance, they work in tandem with – and in support of – teachers, lending a guiding hand where necessary, and offering up encouragement and providing specialist assistance when needed, to ensure that all pupils gain the maximum benefit from lesson times in a happy, nurturing and positive environment.

Particularly vital in inner-city schools, where large class sizes are now the norm, a skilled TA is also adept at helping to devise and map out learning strategies, as well as preparing a variety of teaching aids and materials. They can also take the initiative to step in and help a young person who may need a little extra help with arriving at the correct answer to a tricky maths question, or challenging word puzzle.

Written in plain, no-frills English, my latest series of Parental Guide Books make equally essential reading matter for TAs in all educational settings. They cover practically every aspect of what children should be learning in school, from Early Years to Key Stage 3 and SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities). From high quality early reading and numeracy, to more advanced writing and mathematical skills… helping to prepare TAs for the classroom and act as a reference point for specific lessons and subjects.

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