The nuts and bolts of everything you need to know!

Whether you are new to your role as a school SENCo (Special Education Needs Coordinator), or you’re an experienced SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) professional, catering for the diverse needs of the young people you work with every day is extremely demanding… even at the best of times.

It doesn’t matter if you’re coordinating at the Foundation stage in a small primary setting, or managing SEN/LDD systems and staff in a busy secondary school, having the latest key, relevant information constantly at your fingertips helps you make the right decisions and synchronize your team more effectively.

As a former Headteacher and Manager of Special Educational Needs Support Services with responsibility for training school staff at every level, I know the pressures of being a SENCO professional at first hand. I’ve walked in your shoes and am delighted to announce that the Third Edition of my SENCO Survival Guide is now available to buy via Routledge Press.

Subtitled “The Nuts and Bolts of Everything You Need to Know“, it follows on from previous editions, examining new SEN/LDD initiatives and attempting to demystify some of the terminology surrounding the ‘Inclusion Development Programme’ and ‘Narrowing the Gap’, whilst examining the potential implications for your school’s policies and practices concerning SEND.

This new edition also aims to link together all related SEN/LDD developments, thereby helping you to coordinate systems that help your SEND students achieve their maximum learning potential.

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