Trading Footprints

As we break out of lockdown are we about to go back to the same old – or forward into a new and healthier way of living? Once this virus sets us free, are we about to throw caution to the wind and forget about the other natural, yet man-made, threat to our existence? Recent news featured a new Australian Trade Deal – which includes meat. Okay, so what is wrong with that, you may ask? After all, isn’t the aim of Global Britain to extend our reach across the world? Yes it is – but what about the footprint that people have been talking about for ages? What about the whole issue of global warming?

Am I naive in thinking that unnecessary trade is not good? Probably. But when trade first began in the Middle Ages, its purpose was to obtain goods that could not be obtained at home. Trade was about need. As trading has extended, with the whole world now importing and exporting just about everything we can think of to supply our modern lifestyles, much harm has been done to the Earth. Our human footprint has already become dangerous.

Back to this Trade Deal with Australia: why do we need to bring lamb and beef all the way from the other side of the world when it can be produced in the UK? It makes no sense. So should commercial gain come before health? No! Global warming is real! It cannot be ignored. How will economies suffer if the Australians buy their own meat, and we also buy our own meat? Is this me being stupid? Or is it common sense?

A fun fact: 27,000 trees are felled for toilet paper each day! What! So should we all go back to wiping our bums on newspaper, as we did when I was little? Something has to give! Or one day we will all wake up to …..nothing. The world as we know it will have disappeared and we can never get it back.

The key is turning to set many of us free after lockdown, but what now? Last year, when planes were grounded, a wonderful thing happened; smog had cleared. It was estimated that the footprint had reduced by 13% in Britain, in just a few months, while planes were grounded and cars off the road. So what now? Do we just revert back to our old ways – OR should we really think about the evidence?

Greta implores us all to listen, not to her, but to the Science. I heard that a huge chunk of ice has broken away from Antarctica – a lump so big, it’s now the largest iceberg! What do we make of this? Is this iceberg now going to melt and help further raise sea levels?

Are you a creationist or an evolutionist? If you believe in the latter, then how fascinating, and frightening – that evolution has apparently taken place over millions of years – yet mankind has taken only about three hundred years to set destructive wheels in motion. Makes us think, doesn’t it?

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Sylvia Edwards

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