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Books for Class Teachers (and Teaching Assistants)

Books for Class Teachers (and Teaching Assistants)
Throughout my teaching career I have specialised in Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), and have combined this with a focus on the essential role of literacy in all aspects of learning. My first book for teachers, ‘Literacy Through the Secondary Curriculum’, was intended as a cross-curricular training manual, building on the Bullock Report of 1975, ‘A Language for Life’: emphasising spoken language as the essential foundation for all learning. Further books focused on enabling children with SEND to achieve in literacy. The ‘For All’ series (Speaking/listening, Reading, Writing, Independence and Modern Foreign Languages) focuses on creating access for children with learning difficulties to achieve in these areas. My book on Independence arose from having observed many children whose over-dependency on adults (mainly Teaching Assistants), tended to smother achievement, rather than enhance it. My MFL book emanated from my teaching in a special school, at a time when learning foreign languages was being extended from mainstream into special education. These eight books highlight the importance of high quality teaching for every child, whatever their learning difficulty, and will support all class teachers in delivering a fully inclusive curriculum.


Literacy Through the Secondary Curriculum (Raising Achievement)
Framework Guide
Price: RRP £39.95
100 A4 pages
The complete set of 100 A4 size photocopiable worksheets for whole school staff development can be purchased directly from me (photocopied from master set). This secondary school training pack seeks to raise whole-school achievement in and through literacy. The photocopiable worksheets contain a number of thought-provoking units for activity-based whole staff discussion. The materials are in two sections. The first works towards understanding of the skills involved in reading and writing, and their relationship to speaking and listening. The second section offers a range of policy-oriented tasks and exercises for all staff to be involved in policy making. This pack is invaluable as a training resource for raising cross-curricular achievement through literacy.


Raising the Achievement of Low Attainers in Literacy at Year 7 (Framework Secondary Professional Development)
Heinemann Publications (Series: Framework Guides)
ISBN: 978-1-85008-185-2 (paperback)
Published July 2000
Price: RRP £16.99
72 pages
The complete set of A4 size photocopiable worksheets for whole school staff development can be purchased directly from me (photocopied from master set). It supports schools to raise literacy standards through a whole school approach, and offers practical classroom strategies and suggestions for resources to support literacy attainment throughout Key Stage 3.


Reading for All
David Fulton (Series: For All)
ISBN: 978-1-85346-601-4 (paperback)
Published January 1999
90 pages
Reading for All’ aims to raise achievement for all children, particularly those with SEN/disabilities through inclusive approaches to literacy. The text enables teachers to:
– plan a differentiated reading curriculum for the benefit of all;
– integrate individual targets within the normal routine of the classroom;
– assess reading progress more effectively;
– develop team approaches to pupils’ reading development through the coordinated use of learning;
– support staff and parents.


Writing for All
David Fulton (Series: For All)
ISBN: 978-1-85346-602-1 (paperback)
Published February 1999
112 pages
Available to purchase from Tesco Books and Amazon UK, ‘Writing for All’ aims to raise writing achievement for all children, especially those with SEN/disabilities. The practical advice and information will enable teachers to:
– identify small steps of progression in spelling and analyse children’s issues with handwriting and the ability to work at sentence and text level;
– match writing tasks to identified levels of attainment;
– integrate individual targets into normal classroom activities;
– teach pupils to write for different purposes and range of audiences;
– reinforce good writing skills in other subject areas across the curriculum;
– develop children’s confidence and motivation to write independently;
– encourage team approaches to writing development through the co-ordinated support of Teaching Assistants and parents.


Speaking and Listening for All
David Fulton (Series: For All)
ISBN: 978-1-85346-603-8 (paperback)
Published March 1999
116 pages

‘Speaking and Listening for All’ aims to raise literacy standards by:
– addressing language difficulties in the classroom context;
– planning an integrated language policy;
– developing speaking and listening for all children in line with National Strategy principles;
– promoting a team approach towards language development;
– assessing children’s language skills effectively;
– using language to support cross-curricular learning.


Independence for All: Success for Pupils with SEN
David Fulton Publications (Series: For All/Nasen)
ISBN: 978-1-9014-8531-8 (paperback)
Published 2001
72 pages

The complete set of A4 size photocopiable worksheets for whole school staff development can be purchased directly from me (photocopied from master set). This book aids teachers in helping pupils to gain the independence essential for effective learning. This is a comprehensive handbook illustrated with case studies and providing practical suggestions to help develop the attitudes, skills and behaviours that foster independent learning.


Modern Foreign Languages for All: Success for Pupils with SEN
David Fulton Publications (Series: For All/Nasen)
ISBN: 978-1-90148-500-4 (paperback)
Published 1998
92 pages

The complete set of A4 size photocopiable worksheets for whole school staff development can be purchased directly from me (photocopied from master set). The book contains advice on planning, implementation, classroom organisation and pupil assessment as well as discussing the teaching and learning process for pupils with SEN within the mixed ability classroom. The activities, strategies and resources discussed in the book have been tried and tested by the author.


Mastering Fractions Decimals Percentages – A Guide
ISBN: 978-1-85503-617-8 (paperback)
28 pages

Mastery is the key to success in the new National Curriculum, including mathematics, but many children find fractions, decimals and percentages hard to master. Why? What is it about these core mathematical concepts that so many children find problematic? More importantly, how could their difficulties be overcome? This helpful guide :

• Suggests key principles that underpin FDP mastery;
• Offers a structured, developmental pathway for FDP learning and teaching, based on the new National Curriculum;
• Outlines potential difficulties and at each key level, with advice on how to avoid them;
• Presents fractions, decimals and percentages as interdependent mathematical concepts;
• Provides less experienced teachers and assistants with a clear rationale for teaching FDP;
• Shows how the structured approach to teaching and assessing FDP learning can be broken down into smaller steps and matched to the varied needs of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND);
• Supports differentiated FDP teaching across the ability range;
• Helps teachers and supporting adults to match resources to each learning step;
• Promotes flexible approaches to FDP problem-solving – based on secure insight and understanding.

Above all, this guide aims to promote greater confidence with FDP, alongside depth of understanding so that as many children as possible start secondary school able to use this vital trio of concepts efficiently to solve mathematical problems throughout Key Stage 3. The mastery of fractions, decimals and percentages is a crucial factor in obtaining good exam grades in mathematics.

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