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When the Virus hit in 2020, and we were all locked down, I explored my thoughts: how I felt about our world and its problems – set against my personal life challenges. ‘Time of the Virus’ (2021) is a reflective book: inviting us to ask questions about what we see. Is what IS how it must always be? No? So, let’s make it better. I hope that my philosophical, and often controversial, views on politics, religion, racism, climate change and other key issues provoke debate.

My memoirs reflect back to post-war. ‘How Times have Changed,’ (2024) is the story of one life against a backdrop of huge social development. Writing about myself has been an odd, yet liberating, experience: striving to relive events, circumstances and challenges that have shaped my decision-making, guided me forward, or had a profound effect on my life journey. These memoirs attempt to bridge the post-WW2 world with today’s technological version. Yet, in 2023, as wars still rage, I wonder if humanity is any different than it was – or ever will be. Against this backdrop, I have told my personal story with honesty and sincerity and hope that my versions of truth reflect what was.



Time of the Virus
ISBN: 979-8541841855
Published September 2021
193 pages
Is what IS – how it must always be? I don’t think so. This book is about change and how Covid 19 has affected us all in different ways. During 2020 – 2021 time has stood still, forcing many of us to stop and rethink. This highly provocative mix of memoir, thoughts and opinions, fragments from history, accompanied by honest, heart-felt social commentary, all communicated through prose, poetry, stories and artwork, invites you to join my reflective journey. Where have we been – and where do we need to go – after this pandemic ends? During this Time of the Virus what have we learned? As we move into a new normal way of living, what challenges must our world face and tackle with strength, courage and determination?

Book cover of Time of the Virus


How Times Have Changed: reflections of a baby boomer
ISBN: 9798877331617

95 pages
b/w photos

How times really have changed throughout the eighty years or so of my life. The world I grew up in was nothing like that of my grandchildren today. But how could it be? Change is inevitable. Whilst my personal story is important only to me and my close family, and therefore unremarkable to those who do not know me, might my memories and reflections engage with those of others of similar age? Might my story invite you to write yours?

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