Literacy through the Secondary Curriculum (Raising Achievement) cover

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Literacy through the Secondary Curriculum (Raising Achievement)

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  • Framework Guide
  • Price: RRP £39.95
  • 100 A4 pages

The complete set of 100 A4 size photocopiable worksheets for whole school staff development can be purchased directly from me (photocopied from master set)

This secondary school training pack seeks to raise whole-school achievement in and through literacy. The photocopiable worksheets contain a number of thought-provoking units for activity-based whole staff discussion. The materials are in two sections.

The first works towards understanding of the skills involved in reading and writing, and their relationship to speaking and listening. The second section offers a range of policy-oriented tasks and exercises for all staff to be involved in policy making. This pack is invaluable as a training resource for raising cross-curricular achievement through literacy.

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