Publications: Book 8

Mastering Fractions Decimals Percentages – A Guide

  • ISBN: 978-1-85503-617-8 (paperback)
  • 28 pages

Mastery is the key to success in the new National Curriculum, including mathematics, but many children find fractions, decimals and percentages hard to master. Why? What is it about these core mathematical concepts that so many children find problematic? More importantly, how could their difficulties be overcome?

This helpful guide :

• Suggests key principles that underpin FDP mastery

• Offers a structured, developmental pathway for FDP learning and teaching, based on the new National Curriculum

• Outlines potential difficulties and stumbling blocks at each key level, with advice on how to avoid them

• Presents fractions, decimals and percentages as interdependent mathematical concepts – to be developed together

• Provides less experienced teachers and assistants with a clear rationale for teaching FDP

• Shows how the structured approach to teaching and assessing FDP learning can be broken down into smaller steps and matched to the varied needs of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

• Supports differentiated FDP teaching across the ability range

• Helps teachers and supporting adults to match resources to each learning step

• Promotes flexible approaches to FDP problem-solving – based on secure insight and understanding.

Above all, this guide aims to promote greater confidence with FDP, alongside depth of understanding so that as many children as possible start secondary school able to use this vital trio of concepts efficiently to solve mathematical problems throughout Key Stage 3. The mastery of fractions, decimals and percentages is a crucial factor in obtaining good exam grades in mathematics.

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