A just cause for celebration!

I hope everyone enjoyed the extended festivities surrounding the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee!

As we all know, Her Majesty The Queen has now become the first British Monarch to reach 70 years of service.

The extended Bank Holiday – Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June – gave us all just cause for communal celebration following the pandemic, throughout which our Queen showed tremendous courage and fortitude.

She really is an example to us all; particularly those of us in the education industry whose never-ending job it is to nurture and prepare our children to become the next generation of workers, equipped with the right skills set and social behaviours to keep this great nation of ours on the right course!

Of course, the maximum potential of any child is only ever really achieved with proactive and positive involvement from parents, and their interaction with teachers. And that’s where my latest series of Parental Guide Books can help!

They cover practically every aspect of what a young person should be learning in class, from Early Years to Key Stage 3. There’s even a Guide for Parents of Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, setting out… in plain English, everything you need to know to help ensure your child realises their maximum potential.
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