Help them prepare for their future!

What they learn at Key Stage 3 (KS3) plays a vital and shaping role in your child’s future. Therefore, the right information, advice and guidance is essential to you as a parent, to keep them on course to reach and realise their goals… both in education and in life!Building from earlier Key Stages, ‘Support Your Child at Key Stage Three’ is the fifth book in my new series and an essential read for parents of KS3 students. Clear and concise, it spells out the principal objectives of the National Curriculum – and how it is taught in class – whilst focusing on your child’s growing command of the core learning skills – speaking, listening, reading, writing and mathematics – in preparation for their GCSEs.Easy to follow with simple supporting examples and illustrations, this book is designed to enhance your knowledge of secondary teaching and learning, empower you to collaborate more effectively with the school and play an active role in your child’s education… thereby helping to maximise their potential.To purchase your copy (in ebook or printed book format), please click the link below to my website.

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