Keep their minds growing… all summer long!

The long summer holidays are always a red-hot topic for children everywhere… particularly this July with temperatures set to soar to near-record levels, here in the UK!

Late July and August is traditionally a time for our young ones to relax and re-charge after a long year in the classroom. But, amidst all the fun, excitement and (hopefully) continued warm weather, it’s so important your child keeps their mind active and alert whilst they’re away from school, as it helps them avoid the risk of brain-drain, or facing a setback once the new school year commences. Research consistently shows that children who fail to engage with any kind of learning over the summer, tend to lose up to a third of what they had learned during the previous academic year.

That’s where my series of Parental Guide Books comes in so handy. Each one is written in plain, no-frills English, helping you to help your child stay focused during the long six-week summer break.
They cover practically every aspect of what your child should be learning, from Early Years to Key Stage 3. From high quality early reading and numeracy, to more advanced writing and mathematical skills.
There’s also a Guide for Parents of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, setting out everything you need to know to help ensure your child achieves more.
Visit and order a copy today!
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