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My last blog was in June. It seems ages ago so I want to get going again. July has been an extremely busy month but I am excited about the outcome. My five books for parents have been completely republished – with fresh covers and revised content. So I can’t wait to publicise them. In this blog I want to expand on WHAT the books do and WHY they have been written. These books are written specifically for parents and carers because many do not realise their own value as contributors to school learning.

When you (as a parent) say goodbye to your child at the school gate – how acquainted are you with how your child will spent the hours until you pick him up? Do you wonder what he is doing and learning in each lesson? Do you want to know? I ask these questions because so many parents lack the confidence to take part in ‘learning’. Is this because they believe that it is solely the job of teachers to educate children? It is not. What happens in school is not the only learning a child experiences.

What your child does in school is just the starting point. He needs to build on this learning at home. For example, if your child has been doing fractions in maths – he needs to apply this to fractions in real life – at home. Imagine you are having sausage and mash. How many sausages altogether – 8? How many for you – 3? How many for your child – 2? So these are 3/8 and 2/8 of the whole pack. What combined fractions are these – 5/8? You get the idea.

What you are doing is linking school learning to its application in real life. ALL school learning has the potential for home-based application. And only parents can lift this mountain of learning from within its limited school context – and open up its endless possibilities in the real world.

So how do my books help? Book 1: Support your child with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) focuses on the English support system for children with SEND. This book explains the additional help that children are entitled to at each stage, also encouraging parents and carers to be fully involved. This book is positive because ALL children CAN succeed – albeit at varying levels. The trick is to have high expectations in the first place – with the most effective strategies to ensure they are met!

Books 2 to 5 focus on the stages of school learning. Book 2: Early Years Foundation Stage, Book 3: Key Stage 1, Book 4: Key Stage 2 and Book 5: Key Stage 3. These five books are all available from Lulu in ebook and printed format.

Lockdown has been a difficult time for all parents and their children. Having lost so much school time, many children will need to catch up on learning. So by knowing WHAT and HOW children learn at each key stage, parents can fully support this catch-up process, and may end up becoming a key part of the team.

So get clued up with learning – and help YOUR child succeed to the best of his or her ability!

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