Parents : Know where your child is heading

My last blog invited the parents of children with SEND to ask questions about their child’s additional needs and how they are being addressed. Knowledge really is the key to everything. So do you also know where your child is heading on his educational journey? Imagine it as a journey, with your child’s readiness for independent adulthood as the ultimate destination. On any long journey there are stops along the way: time to take stock and think about how well the journey is going. Are we still on track? So has your child’s school informed you of the planning for your child’s school journey – and are you fully involved? Consider planning as long, medium and short term goals:
– Longer term aspirations: skills needed for independent adulthood on leaving school
– Medium term expectations: goals to be achieved at the end of each year or key stage
– Short term targets: to be achieved termly (often listed on a personal plan).

The short term targets feed into the medium term, then finally into the longer term so that your child is guided towards his ultimate destination – step by step. It does not matter how large or how small each step is, as long as you can see progress and be assured that your child is achieving the best he can along the way.

Remember, it is a parent’s right to know about the planning and additional provision that is in place. So be involved and be part of the team guiding your child towards success. My book ‘Support for Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities: a parents’ guide’ provides everything you need to know and will inspire you with confidence. Go for it!

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