The cornerstones of learning!

Good reading, writing and communication skills are fundamental to every aspect of our lives.

Children who read well and can channel their creativity into crafting well-structured, expressive pieces of writing tend to be more successful at school and in FE education. What’s more, these essential literacy skills invariably prove to be invaluable assets as they embark upon their professional lives.

And, as with any life skill, the quicker we get to grips with the basics of reading, writing and comprehension, the stronger our powers of literacy become!

My latest series of Parental Guide Books is an ideal companion for parents, as each book focuses on what your child should be learning at school – Early Years to Key Stage 3 – from high quality early reading skills to more complex vocabulary and writing devices, helping them achieve the best possible GCSE grades and, hopefully, progress to further education.

My Guide for Parents of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, explains in simple, easy-to-understand English, everything they need to know to help ensure their child realises their maximum potential.

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