The importance of Maths

A good grasp of Maths is integral to every aspect of our lives.

Whether we realise it or not, Mathematics is at work everywhere we look. So much more than mere addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, it helps us to think more clearly and reason more logically, as well as transforming our abilities to solve everyday problems in both our personal and professional lives.

And, like every life skill, the earlier we master the rudiments of maths, the stronger our power of numeracy becomes!

That’s what makes my latest series of Parental Guide Books such essential reading, as they will help you to understand what your child should be learning at school from Early Years to Key Stage 3, from high quality early number skills to the mathematical tools they will need to grasp, to help them achieve the best possible GCSE grades and, hopefully, progress to further education.

There’s a Guide for Parents of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, setting out… in simple, easy-to-understand English, everything they need to know to help ensure their child achieves their maximum potential.

Indeed, each book in this series is written in plain language… which makes them particularly handy for parents.

Visit now and order your copy!

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