Today is World Teachers Day!

“Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire!”

That quote, from poet William Butler Yeats, is one of my favorites, and it neatly encapsulates the reason I got into teaching in the first place!

A group of minds… in one room… thinking and working together can – and does – generate an amazing heat and ignite a life-long passion for learning.

I think we can all remember a favourite teacher from our time at school. I know I certainly can! Someone who went beyond the constraints of the curriculum to reach us; someone who recognized in us something we didn’t know we had ourselves; innate talent; ability.

Someone who got us thinking differently, behaving differently; someone who help shaped our mind and, ultimately, influenced our future path in life. Essentially, someone who lit that fire within us!

Although targeted primarily at parents – my latest series of Guide Books are from over 30 years’ personal experience as a Teacher, Deputy Head and SEND Manager.

Presented in plain and simple, no-frills English with accompanying illustrations they provide detailed and useful reference points for teachers in all primary and secondary educational settings. Each one has been written to support and broaden the national curriculum – from Early Years to Key Stage 3, and a dedicated publication centred on SEND provision within both mainstream and special schools.

Visit and order a copy today!

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